TransferWise vs. Revolut: A Swiss perspective


Base currency: CHF (Swiss Franc)
Spending currency: KES (Kenyan Shilling)

TransferWise: Transfer in CHF from Swiss bank account to TransferWise Swiss IBAN = Completely free!
Revolut: Transfer in CHF from Swiss bank account to Revolut GB IBAN = cost me CHF 30 for a transfer of CHF 7,500

TransferWise 1 - Revolut 0

TransferWise: Spend in KES or change CHF to KES at a constant and transparent 0.7% markup on the mid-market rate (as on XE for example). Same markup 24/7.
Revolut: Spend in KES at an arbitrary markup on the mid-market rate of between 1.7% (weekday) and 2.3% (weekend).

TransferWise 2 - Revolut 0

TransferWise: Create a KES account and change when rate is good.
Revolut: Not possible to create a KES account and keep the currency.

TransferWise 3 - Revolut 0

TransferWise: Spend EUR at a constant and transparent markup of 0.35% on real mid-market rate (24/7).
Revolut: Spend EUR at 0% markup on weekdays, and 0.5% on weekends.

TransferWise 4 - Revolut 1

So far, I’m pretty impressed with TransferWise. Let’s see how things develop both there and here.

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TransferWise is pretty awesome. Support actually exists with them.


TransferWise : opened in 2011 and 1 millions customers

Revolut : opened mid-2014 and 2 millions customers

This may explain a lot : Revolut received a lot of publicity and new customers over the past few weeks/months and I agree the support could be more reactive. They are currently hiring a lot of new people, let’s be patient in the meantime :wink:

  • TransferWise sends and receives (a lot) faster via swift, sepa or uk’s faster payments
  • TransferWise has local USD account
  • TransferWise offers real debit cards


Honestly my transfers a quite fast from Switzerland ( Swift) and to France ( SEPA ) : 1 day

I am OK with that, is it less than that with TW ?

Regarding local USD and real debit cards : I agree Revolut should work on it ( and on Swiss IBAN :wink: )


Transferwise support is great and actually helpful. They even helped me track down an issue with a top up charge that Revolut charged and only after them getting details on it did revolut recognise the problem.

Revolut standard reply when you complain about the charge or fee is that they were not the ones charging the fee so they don’t help you. In this cause it turned out they were after all responsible.

It’s also a nice touch that transferwise has support in multiple languages, not just english


Transferwise’s transparency about fees is what Revolut should aim for. However, for the well informed user, Revolut is still cheaper, on the whole. Sure, we can do comparisons between less frequently used currencies like above, but if you use major ones and jump some hoops, Revolut wins.


This only shows that you have no clue about what’s going on.

You can’t hire enough people for 2 million customers. That’s not how you approach this problem.

You make your procedures more efficient and transparent, reducing unnecessary checks etc.

Half the issues are due to unwise expansion.


TransferWise has actual same day transfers within EU.

I send money from my French account to my N26 account and my transfer is processed in max 6 hours.

On some days instantly.


On the paper maybe, but when you count lack of support in and time wasted then Revolut is not worth it.

Not to mention a real chance of getting your account blocked for some stupid reason. Which is more time wasted.


I admit it is a valid point to many users. The financial product value goes beyond just pure numbers in many cases. However, some will do all they can to get the cheapest possible deal, regadless of the customer care or any potential complications.


I’m with you here, the transfer speed of Revolut is more than adequate for me. I don’t see a need for same day or “instantaneous” transfers, at least for me. Of course it would be a nice feature to advertise but rarely is it needed.

Also most of my Revolut usage comes from exchanging funds between different currencies; when doing this during the week, Revolut’s rates have been pretty much exactly the same as Google reports (which is a lot cheaper than my bank) but TW charge 1% fee on every currency exchange.

It appears there are a few currencies that Revolut don’t provide decent rates on during weekends, but to use a phrase I don’t like hearing myself, but it doesn’t affect me so it doesn’t diminish my opinion of the service in any way.

I heard about TW after using Revolut for a while, looked into it but Revolut is doing everything I need and to my satisfaction so no reason to put time and effort into swapping services.


In my case Revolut is cheaper on weekdays compared to TransferWise. Debate can be held about the cost of using these two services on weekend.

TransferWise exchange rates’ fees vary. They are mostly below 1% for the most commonly used currencies but can be higher for less frequntly exchanged ones :point_down:

They are definitely a company to watch considering their promises of the implementation of new features.



TransferWise: Money left my Swiss bank account early Monday morning, arrived Tuesday before noon.
Revolut: Money left my Swiss bank account early Monday morning, arrived Tuesday before noon.

TransferWise 5 - Revolut 2

TransferWise: Asked a question in the morning through in-app e-mail and had a precise answer in my inbox later in the day.
Revolut: Well, just look around in this forum…

TransferWise 6 - Revolut 2


Wrong. For some currencies Revolut doesn’t provide decent rates even during the week (like 1.6% markup).


with transferwise in my cases swift is next day, usually next morning. sepa usually instant or an hour, next morning at most. faster payments is instant.


Would be really helpful to let us know what currencies are you referring to so we can investigate this. At the moment, KES is being investigated. We’re sure our rates are significant better than our competitors, with no commission (apart from the weekend mark up).

"Real" exchange rates: Revolut doesn't live up to its promise

Perhaps it’s because your accounts are in the UKs, like Revolut’s accounts ?

It’s impressive, even if I don’t really need such speed it will be nice to have it :slight_smile:


Could you share the link to this table ?

I used to use TW though CurrencyFair and I was really happy.


Here you go: