TransferWise is down

Information: TransferWise is currently down:

“A power outage in our data center is currently causing some technical issues that may affect our website, app, and card. Our team is already on it and working hard to get this sorted! Thank you for bearing with us”





For example for Swiss users it’s very important because it’s currently the only way to top-up without a fee in CHF

sure, but …a power outage? well - Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) aren’t exactly new… :wink:

but well - we’ll survive :slight_smile:

Hope they will learn from this and prepare to handle possible future situations more efficiently.

Perhaps it’s the dark fiber between datacenters, or SAN/NAS issue… Even with clustering everything isn’t back as expected.

But website down, card down… it looks like a major issue…

Good luck to them !

for the records, they are up currently.


Alright, but I dont think an outage of a few hours should be the huge obstacle in this context.

I am sure they were not happy either with that outage but we dont need make a mountain out of a molehill :wink:

If cards didnt work - as mirron hinted - that would be way more serious than if the website is briefly down.

Card payments were affected. Account log ins via website and app as well.

Even with safety nets and redundancy, many have had issues in the past. Look at OVH recently, they had a massive outage that was basically many things that went wrong one after another. Bad luck.

They will surely improve, but outages do happen in IT, that’s why nobody offers 100.00% uptime.

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It’s not as simple as hooking a battery to a server rack.

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