Transferwise borderless account


Hi there

New to Revolut.

I am an American living in Europe. I have a Borderless account in Euros.

I work remotely for an EU company. They can send my salary directly to the Borderless account.

Can I top up the Revolut card from the Borderless account?

I think with the limits on Revolut it’s probably better to not have my salary deposited in it.

I’m moving to a new country soon and the banking for expats take a very long time to set up (months) so I wanted to do this set up in the interim.


If you will generate on app unique EUR account, it can be topped up by bank transfer from account NOT registered to you.


I would highly advise not to keep large amounts of money in your Revolut account.


Yeah I just wanted to put enough for spending money as the Borderless account doesn’t have a card attached to it.


Keep it to few hundred at the most or try looking into N26. That one at least has fewer issues.


I would kindly ask you for yours relevant answer why I shouldn’t keep 5.000€ on my Revolut account?


Because when your account gets blocked for no apparent reason you will be stuck minimum for x number of days (that’s best case) without your money. This is not a replacement for your normal bank card.

I’m surprised i need to point the obvious.


Have you ever heard in your life for security measurements? If you have your identity and card verified, and you get blocked I will do whatever you want for you!


Can you go away, because that’s exactly what happened to me. Everything verified and got blocked because transaction was “suspicious”.


First learn to read something called FAQ and then you can say to me to go away!


You said you will do whatever i want, now you want me to read FAQ which has nothing interesting on the matter.

Just say you fucked up and go away.


I have no comments for people like you. If you don’t like Revolut you can smootly switch to N26. Bye!

p.s Be careful on your language.


Listen, pal, is this your specialty to attack without reason?

I advised a guy to use caution which not unreasonable at all. Then you told me that it is not possible to get blocked if my ID and cards are verified which is false I GOT BLOCKED with ID and cards verified for buying at STARBUCKS.

And now you say you have no comments? Dude seek help, because i have no idea why you started this nonsense when you had no basis to claim what you have claimed.

P.S. I’m not required to like. It’s a product, if it is useful to me i will use, if it has issues i will point them out.

Cut your kool aid intake.


Hi mollycase, at this moment in time, TransferWise doesn’t accept the direct personal IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code that Revolut issues you if you accept their personal Euro account. There are two workarounds:

a) transfer a small amount of Eur from TransferWise to a friend’s Euro account at a normal bank, and include your Revolut Ref number in the payment reference field, to see if the TransferWise transfer appears to come from your own name and the payment reference is transmitted, or if comes from “TransferWise” and/or is missing the payment reference. If the transfer is in your own name and has the payment reference, then you can transfer your Euro to Revolut’s general Euro account at Lloyds Bank. Otherwise, you have to use the second method;

b) With this method, you have to use an intermediary institution. The free option is PaySera. If you open an account with them and get identified, you get a personal Euro IBAN. You can then transfer your money from TransferWise to your own account at PaySera (this works, I’ve done it). From PaySera you can transfer to your personal Euro IBAN at Reolut (this also works, I did it yesterday). It may seem like a big hoop, but actually the transfer from TransferWise to PaySera happens in a matter of a couple of hours, and from PaySera to Revolut, in about an hour (this was my experience).


PS I’ve just checked my PaySera account, and the transfer from TransferWise is listed as coming from “TransferWise Ltd”, so my method a) won’t work, and you’ll need to use something like method b).