Transfert in New zealander dollars


why when I want to transfer money from a NZ bank account I cannot do it in the $NZ currency? I have choice only: Euro, Australian dollars, US dollars, £, franc Suisse and 10 more.


PS: it is a little urgent, so if it is not possible tell me and I will do it in euro with the 6% tax…

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On which step is the problem?
I can check a few first steps only, and I can see that:


My problem is when I want to choose the currency. And when I want to choose the NZ dollars, I can only select between 14 currencies (picture). So no possibility to transfers the money in NZ dollars.

Do you think that they are more options to transfers money?

Do you mean wire transer?

From what I understand he wants to transfer funds FROM an account in New Zealand to Revolut in NZD (via SWIFT most likely). For that he would need to have an NZD account with Revolut but he doesnt seem to find the option to add the account.

I just tried to activate an NZD account and did find the currency. Can you search for the currency?

Only pooled (of course usable) account

Most accounts are not personal but there is one.

So I created a NZD, but when I want to charge it, I can’t do it in NZD.

However, I thought do the transfert from my bank in NZ, but this service is not include.

I think that I will have to do the tranfert in euro and pay the 6% charge.

hi, i would like to raise this topic ‘coz i need to receive a transfer from NZ company in NZD. My main Revolut account is different but i have also NZD account. will it be enough to send to NZ company just IBAN and BIC numbers? i affraid it can be to less because have same datas for AUD account… and bank will transfer this money to another accoun and take some exchange fee. i’m a little bit confused which data’s to send. xian you help me?