Transfert doesn’t arrive


J’ai effectué mon premier virement d’un compte hors Union européenne sur Revolut il y a maintenant 1 semaine et je n’ai rien reçu alors que mon argent a bien été débité du compte bancaire.
Aucune réponse aujourd’hui en contactant le support… c’est franchement très stressant.
Que puis je faire ( A part attendre?)

Hi made de transfert OneDrive week ago from my Bank acompte ( not in Europe) to Revolut . But no money and i don’t Knowles how to do. On the chat, ni answear today…
Thanks for advice


Usually this happens when the money is send incorrectly I think. Did you use the IBAN?


Yes i use the Iban and pur the référence number


And nobody on the chat to answear… the message is a live agent un 29hours everyday!!! It is my first Time and disappointed… where is my money?


My IBAN doesn’t required any reference number.
The IBAN belongs to your account. If you Chose the data with the reference number you started a Swift transfer maybe. Those take some time I think. That’s what I read here in other threads.

Maybe @AndreasK can help you.


Thanks for Your answear.

It s to a revolut account in . The référence of the account is the same for every body if i m correct and i just add my référence. But on the screenshot of my transfert i can see the iban of Revolut Préviously i registrred the Revolut account in the website of my bank to be abble to make transfert.


I guess you Made a SWIFT transfer which should not be necessary if your currency is EUR or GBP.


I supposed i did well because i tranfered on USD on Revolut
Thanks Again for Your time


What currency did you transfered? EUR, GBP, CHF, USD…

What kind of transfert did you used ? SEPA or SWIFT?


You did a SWIFT. It will take some time. 3-5 working days at least.


7 working days latter… and nothing.
Î m dissapointed because impossible to talk to an live agent! Every day the robot Rita said to wait 20-24 hours


Did you ever type “live agent”?


It wasn’ t working but i contact Theo with Facebook and less thai one hour after my money was back.
Thanks again for Your answear


I have the same problem. I transferred some money from my bank of america account to my revolt account, its been 4 days and I still haven’t received it.
Do you know where to report this problem, I am abroad and I need it fixed quickly …

Thanks for you help.


I contacted Revolut via Facebook in private message and in less than one hour it was ok


There is no problem : SWIFT transfer can take up to 5/6 days. And we are talking about working days here ( ie, excluding Saturday/Sunday and bank holidays ) + if you did your transfer Friday afternoon it is executed next Monday.