I transferred some money over from my building society account to my account with Revolut and the money has gone from the my busikding society account but has not gone into my Revolut account why is this

Hi! Was the society’s account registered under your name? :slight_smile:

Yes it is my main savings account

A bank transfer can take up to 10 days :slight_smile: I suggest contacting support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or in-app if 10 days pass and you still haven’t received it!

The thing is ineeds to be in there tomorrow it’s a uk account to a U.K. Account

Oh, I see. Then I recommend reaching Revolut support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) since they usually respond the fastest there :wink: You could also try Facebook:

I’ve tried twitter and no response and face is saying they’re not there

Just wait a bit… :slight_smile: Tag them in a tweet, they’re online quite often! Support is online until 10 PM UKT from Monday to Friday