Transfers never arrived to the addressee


In the last past days I sent 3 transfers to my rental agency to pay my rent, and these transfers never arrived to the agency.
On my Revolut account there is no error messages saying that there could have been a problem with the transfers.
I have already contacted the assistance on the chat application and it was not helping.
The situation urges, my agency is asking me to pay some extra fees for the delay of payment !!!
Can you please help me?


I would ask support to provide some sort of proof of the transaction. Was it a domestic UK transfer? Did you activate your local UK account before this?


Hi there.

I think we’ve replied to your TrustPilot review :slight_smile:

Could you please drop me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account, so that I can take a closer look at what’s going on?


Andreas K.


I had to delete your last message, as your phone number was exposed. Please check your inbox.