Transfers got canceled and I can't get the money back


I did 3 transfers last month in total of 200€. Has people told me they didn’t recieved the money after 2 weeks I decided to check with staff via chat to get a hold of what was going on.

They replied to me stating that my transfers had been blocked for absolutely no reason and am currently waiting for almost 2 weeks to get the money back to my account. Obviously I need the money to pay my bills as its 200€ total so I need to know what can I do to get my money back since staff in chat is unable to tell me something other than to wait.

Thank you.


Hi Ana!

Apologies for this miscommunication. I’ve reverted both transfers, you should be able to see them back in your account right now.


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your help, the money is already in my account.

Best regards,
Ana Almeida


My pleasure.

Once again, apologies!