Transfers from non-Revolut-users to my Revolut account


Can you please work on some solution that allows me to accept money transfers from other people who are not Revolut customers


I believe this will work once IBAN support is added.


sure, but let’s not stick to conventional banking processes. Maybe there is another (more creative) solution…

I guess it is not supported as of today because of anti-money laundering regulations. But what if my friend could transfer the money to a special account managed by Revolut; they could do a check and then forward the money to my personal account?


Exactly, you will have to send your IBAN as you actually (maybe) do with you main bank when it will be ready is 6-12 months.

However, would be super great to implement a similar form for sending money as like “” where you can see name and picture (even a short bio) of the receiver and where the sender will only have to fill in a form with his IBAN or even Credit/Debit Card, choose the amount, the currency and send the money! :smiley:


I just wanted to open another topic for this. It would be really good if non Revolut uses could send money as easy as they can receive it.
Please keep in mind that signing up to Revolute takes a while and that breaks the user experience. So if they would see “Hey that is cool and quick” then they would be interested in it too… but if they see “Oh my i have to sign up for it first… then validate myself… and then i still have to do some more stuff…” nope that isn’t what gives a good first impression.


maybe revolut should have a way to (enabled optionally by each customer) display the corresponding IBANs / bank coordinates of a card account for inbound national/international payments.

Note the phone number or a user’s uniquely chosen alias in the URL

For example: or or

will show all IBANs and

will show the IBAN only for EUR transfers.

if brute force is a concern, there could be some additional unique letters to keep it secret and accessible only if provided by the owner

with user alias: and


Looks like they finally did it!

Page seen by the friend: