Transfers declined - money "lost" between bank and revolut


I tried to transfer funds from my bank account yesterday (onto my revolut account). The first transfer was declined so I tried again couple of times : in the end only one transfer was effective while all other transfers were declined (with relevant notices received on the revolut app). However after checking my bank account my balance is at zero because the money is being held and claimed by Revolut. For those transfers that you declined could Revolut just send a notice to my bank so that they put that money back on my account ? (It seems like a normal thing to do when you decline a transfer not to claim for the money). Also, I have been raising that issue on the “chat” more than 12 hours ago and still have not received any answer which is obviously very annoying considering the urgency of my request.
Grateful if you could help me asap.


Hello there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Do you have the bank transfer confirmation?


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for getting back to me. No i havent any confirmation apart from them
confirming on the phone that they were holding the money for you since they
have not received any information that revolut declined the related
transfers. But the problem is to be seen the other way round if i may: my
bank needs to receive formal notice from you and not the other way round.
Indeed the problem arose as revolut declined a few transfers that i was
trying to make however my bank has not been informed that revolut declined
the trasnfers and is thus still holding the money. So as hsbc told me they
need to receive a notice from you that you decline those transfers so that
they can unblock the money.

Therefore what would be great if you could send a notice to my bank that
you have declined the transfer anf they shouldnt hold the money. I received
several notification on my revolut app stating that the trasnfers have been
declined so yhe information and history is out there and available for you
to check. My bank just need to receive the information formally from you to
solve this issue as they confirm several times to me.

Thanks for your support,


Thank you for clarifying this. Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so we can get in touch?