Transferring Yen on my card to Japanese bank.

My wife is Japanese and going back to see her folks in Tokyo. I have Yen on my Revolut card that I want to transfer to her bank account but apparently her bank will charge 0.05% to receive from my Revolut card. Is that right? Crazy. I thought that was the benefit of having a Revolut card!

Can anyone help please? Thanks.

Why you’re not using Revolut in Japan, so you can avoid FX?


Hi Andreas, thanks for getting back to me. I don’t know what that means? My wife and I live in London. How would that work and what’s the benefit?

You would just give her one of your Revolut cards and then she can use it to pay for stuff in Japan :slight_smile:

Hi Henrik,

Ok, thanks. Am I being a but thick then?

So the Revolut Visa card can be used as a debit card anywhere in Japan without restrictions, just like any normal Visa debit card? But rather than debiting a bank account it just debits the balance of Japanese Yen I have on the card. Is that correct?



The card is basically a debit card that is connected to a multi currency account. You can hold multi currencies on several “accounts” and the card will also convert payments to local currencies on the fly.

You might want to check out the FAQ chapters “getting started” and “exploring Revolt” to check out how everything works more in detail. :wink:

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Yes. When you run out og yen it do in the fly fx from your Main currency.

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