Transferring USD into a GBP account (from Skrill)


I am thinking about transferring between 10k and 20k USD into my GBP Revolut account (from Skrill). Will the conversion happen at market rates and without fees?

I am not a premium member.

(I cannot use my USD-denominated Revolut account since Skrill requires the destination account to have my name on it.)




-Be sure about the fee you may incur topping up USD(I’m not sure)
-Do not exchange the money during the weekend
-If you are not a Premium user, after £5000, there will be a 2% fee: in your case I think it is better to buy the premium subscription.
-Check your annual limit and do not exceed it. If you need to exceed it, talk to the customer service first.
-I’m topping up has no cost, I suggest to start with a small sum of money.
-Be aware that a large sum of money may temporarily block your account for security reason. Talk to the customer service before topping up.

I’d say that’s all…but maybe someone else has some other suggestions.



You can not top up the gbp account number with anything other than GBP and same for the eur iban. So you will have to find some other solution for this or use your regular bank.


Hi there,

I made a mistake, my friend from SA paid ZAR to my revolut virtual card. Will I lose the money?