Transferring salary from Revolut to France

If I get my salary from the UK in pounds on Revolut and transfert it to my Euro French account (hellobank BNP), will I get to pay any fees?
Many thanks

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You should open your own EUR IBAN in :r:, than convert in app GBP to EUR and transfer EUR via SEPA in APP. SEPA transfer is free in Revolut, but you should ask about SEPA incoming transfer fee in your bank.


Hi everyone,
Just wanted to make sure that this transfer mode is still free of any fees.
I also receive my salary on my English Revolut GBP account and I’d like to transfer those pounds to my French account after converting those GBP to EUR in Revolut.

I suggest to head over to the Fees section of the T&Cs to check which fees might apply, depending on the price plan you’ve chosen. Look out for FX exchange fees, not just fees for transfers. Transfers should be free for you, but it’s still a good idea to get familiar with what Revolut now considers international transfers, since this is what changed recently.

I get a UK pension in sterling paid into my :r: GBP account which I later convert to EUR in the app when the rate is beneficial (within the monthly free limit and not at weekends).
I pay no fees if I then transfer the EUR to my FR bank account at any time.
So, in answer to your direct question, this transfer mode is still free of any fees provided you do it in a timely fashion and within the limits set on your account (1000€ fee free per month limit on basic account - Note that this limit is in EUR not GBP and after conversion so £1000 transfer would likely incur a fee).

And just be careful to not make the transfer the weekend to avoid fees.

Just to be clear, the transfer of EUR from :r: in EUR at weekends is fee free. What is not free, is the conversion to EUR from another currency at weekends according to your plan.

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