Transferring money to Portugal

Hi. I need to transfer about 200k US dollars to Portugal. My Revolut account is in the US. Any ideas how to do it? I checked my regular bank in the US and was appalled by the bad exchange rate. Is Revolut a better way to transfer the money?

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Hello @Roque :wave: ,

Welcome to our community. To send a bank transfer:

  1. Select ‘Transfers’ from the menu bar at the bottom of your app
  2. Tap ‘+ New
  3. Choose ‘Bank recipient
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your transfer

After you’ve chosen the person you’re sending money to and reached the currency and amount selection screen, you can easily add a reference. The ‘Reference’ field is located right below the currency and amount you want to send.

The recipient bank details will be saved automatically, so you won’t have to enter them every time. Search for their account when you want to send another transfer.

Please check the fees regarding sending a bank transfer here -
What are the fees for sending a bank transfer?
Can I cover intermediary bank fees upfront?

To know timeline, please check this FAQ link - When will my outbound transfer arrive?

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