Transferring money help please!


I just transferred some money from one of my accounts to another, but i wasnt thinking and put the card number instead of my account number. It now says the transfer has been executed but i dont have the money in the account i tried to send it to, nor is it in my revolut account. What do I do?


Hey @aonghusv :slight_smile:

Get in touch with the in-app support team as fast as you can through the More tab of the app. Click Support, then Chat with us, and then type live agent :wink:


Hi Juliopp,

I am trying. however im not getting any response


Hey @aonghusv :slight_smile:

Try typing Resolved and then live agent again :wink:
If that doesn’t work, given the situation, I’d try reinstalling (there’s nothing to lose).


Thank you Juliopp. But keeps saying theyll be with me in 4 hours. thanks for the help anyway


Hey @aonghusv :slight_smile:

That’s a response then :wink:
You will not get a faster response here.

Explain your problem in depth (enough for the agent to solve it without further data from you) and then go rest. When an agent comes to the chat, he/she will be hopefully be able to sort it out for you and you’ll read the outcome in the morning :wink: