Transferring money from Germany to Denmark

I need to move some money from a German bank account in EUR to a Danish bank account in DKK.

How do I do that best or should I not do that via


Do you have to transfer it in crowns? If not, a euro transfer from your bank account might be the easiest and cheapest.

If you want to do it via Revolut, you’d have to transfer it from your bank account to your local euro account at Revolut. That should come at zero cost. Then you’d wire the funds onwards in DKK to their destination. The only potential problem might be, that this second transfer could involve SWIFT fees.

Whether you should do it via Revolut, fully depends on whether you can transfer it in crowns in the first place and how Revolut (with potential SWIFT fees) compares to a direct transfer with your bank.

Another thing to consider, your Revolut account should be fully verified and if the amount is larger (or you are about to exceed your limit) you should make sure you increase your account limit beforehand. Otherwise your funds might gets stuck in Revolut for quite some time.

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