Transferring money between own accounts

Can I use Revolut to transfer money from my USD account to my own EUR account? So the transfer would look like USD acc. -> Revolut -> EUR acc. Are there any fees associated with such transfers?

Hit the ‘Exchange’ button on your USD account and then select EUR on the drop down list on the bottom half of the screen. If you are happy with the exchange rate shown hit the red ‘Exchange’ button.
No fees.

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If you’re talking about your non-Revolut EUR and USD accounts you can use Revolut to exchange, sure. The quickest way would be if you have a card linked to both of those accounts, but if not, you can always send money from your non-Revolut currency account to Revolut via bank transfer, exchange the funds and send them to another non-Revolut account.

Thanks! Yes, I was talking about my non-Revolut, bank accounts – one is in USD and the other is in EUR.

It’s possible that your bank may charge you for sending money to Revolut. I have Barclays USD and EUR banks, for example. I was charged £3 to send money to Revolut (even though Revolut’s bank is based in the UK, as is my Barclays bank…).

I’ve withdrawn money from Revolut to my EUR account twice now, without fees. It’s not exactly what I’d call ‘rapid’ however…

Note that (at least with a UK Revolut account) you get a personalised IBAN for a EUR account, so for most things, instead of sending Revolut --> EUR --> (purchase/similar), you should be able to make a payment straight from your Revolut account to make the purchase. (Eg I sent money straight from Revolut to Kraken, a Bitcoin exchange.)

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An old thread, but its all I can find on this subject and Revolut staff NEVER answer live chats. When exchanging money between my accounts there is always a charge added? Has the fee been added recently?