Transfering money to UAE - 30 AED charge


I used Revolut in the past to pay for an appartement in Dubai. It was excellent, quick and very good FX rate - the exact amount arrived to the account. In the last two transaction the correspondent bank charged 30 aed - around 8$…
Actually it appeaered on Revolut‘s transfer confirmation message that be prepared for a probable charges on the receiver’s bank side due a swift transfer. The issue is here that 1 year ago were no charges, this warning also was not there. So this means that transfering money to UAE became quite expensive for smaller amounts - better use again cash(?). Question is whhether did Revolut change the transfer service counterparty and for this reason they dont send the money from a local account - actually this would mean this a useless service for the future The money was sent to Emirates Islamic Bank for the record. Any experience idea from anybody?