Transfered money to a closed bank account

Hey there,

I’ve recently made a transfer to a bank account that has been closed for a while now.

Question is: Since the account is closed will the money show up back into my Revolut account? Or do I need to do something about this scenario?


Hello, nothing to do : the money will bounce back to your :r: account, be aware that it may take a few more days.

Hi Alex,
Let us know how long it takes to get the funds back from a closed account.
Curious to know.
I send funds from my Commerzbank account to a closed account and Commerzbank credited the funds in 48h without having to intervene whatsoever, so I am curious to know how fast Revolut is. Please keep up updated. thanks!

I think It will be longer with :r: because the source bank account is not personal account be a pooled account. Therefore the reconciliation process may be longer ( manual ? )

@anon33247966 I am right?

Hey! Quick how do you know the account is closed?

Well I’ve made the transfer to a friend which told me that he closed that bank account a few months back. I didn’t know that and already used his old account details for the transfer :frowning:

Good to hear that! Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I see. Thank you for clarifying this. It can take up to 5 working days to be back.

Yes, it’s a “pooled” account or “omnibus” account. And Revolut seems to have a lot of them. And that causes absolute havoc among customers.

Copy paste from DeGiro confirmation: “These funds had been received from an account 200353-73152596 which appears to be an omnibus holding account used by Revolut… After establishing a communication with Revolut, it was determined that payments returned to this holding account could then be matched back to your individual account and that we could proceed with the transfer to the general account. This payment has been returned on 07/06/2018.”

Cool, really cool. We are now 12th of July and I still don’t have the money since supposedly it’s in Revolut’s omnibus account and they are unable to allocate this.

Are you answering on @alexdanaila behalf? I don’t understand your message…