Hi, I transferred £ from my UK account into my Revolut account on the 26th July. I then converted it into euros and transferred into my portuguese bank account. It has now been 16 working days and the money hasn’t arrived yet. It’s just over €5600. Please help!

So the pounds arrived fine, the conversion was okay, only the subsequent euro transfer is missing?

Hmm, that should have been a SEPA transfer and should have been completed a long time ago. Did you check if all the data of the Portuguese account was accurate?

Hi Alessandro,

So I input my IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code. I went to the bank in Portugal to check again if he money was there yesterday and it came to light the IBAN where the money was transferred to is completely different to that of my account number / IBAN. Completely!

Please help. Thanks

I am not sure what you mean. Did you already wire the money? If so, to the right IBAN?