does any one why I have to verify my funds when the money has been transferred from royal london with tax paid at 40%

Verification of funds is not tax related.

Verification, is because Revolut is subject to regulations by FCA and therefor have to ensure its platform is not used for money laundring.

Well it was sent by the same company that had had made 2 transfers before to my account ,the money sent was payment of my pension fund and has been taxed at 40% which is above the rate for the amount I withdrew it wasn’t by a individual but by a insurance company how can they be money laundering
Regards Vaughan

Revolut can’t know who is sending the money or if there have been paid taxes already.

You just have to show them your documents. Here is a blog post with a video

@Vatiambr I understand Revolut asked you to verify your funds. One interesting question in this context would be, whether you can still use your account or not. Is it locked or can you still withdraw money and make purchases?