Transfer with bank intermediary

I need to transfer USD from revolut to a bank in Puerto Rico but the Puerto Rico’s bank give me an intermediary bank. How I send money?

I need to put intermediary bank and then my account number, address and name and surname.!

NORHUS33 seems to be Bankers’ Bank Northeast.

Is it that your bank has an account with them? In that case the recipient would be probably not you but “ITALBANK INTERNATIONAL” instead and the 021502215 could be the reference number pointing to your account with them. But this is something you should definitely clarify with your bank first.

Also, you will need an IBAN.

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Hi Alessandro!
I have a similar problem. I tried to transfer USD from my revolut account to an account in Guatemala but the transfer was given back.
The Guatemalan bank gave me an intermediary bank (city bank), but Im not sure if I should transfer directly to the intermediary bank or straight to guatemala.
Heres what they sent me