Transfer via Bank


I forgot to add the Reference number (68245715) when I tried to transfer money to my Revolut euro account. Will the transfer be rejected by Revolut? Will it go to my account? What can I do now?

Pedro Chaves

You will probably need to contact support to have that assigned manually.

Did you transfer it from outside the SEPA area? If not you should use your local account in the future as that will be cheaper and you dont need a reference number.

I tried to contact but they are unreachable.


Did you make sure you typed “live agent”?

But why didnt you transfer it to your local account?

I dont know. Im new at this. I typed live agent vut nothing

Alright, in the future wire it to your local euro account.

Well, after having typed it you should get a notification about how long it will approximately take to get a response. At that point you simply need to wait.

The answer is the same. They are experiencing an overwhelming high volume of requests since yesterday. I will wait.


Have you already talked to someone and been forwarded? Revolut’s response times are generally tragic, but recently the first level got a bit faster. Other teams are still almost unresponsive though.

No. Just appears that message. They will receive the money but without the reference they cant find out who transferred

Please remember that you can contact them via Twitter or Facebook too.

Hi there. Were you able to get through to an agent? If not, please send me a direct message.