Transfer USD from Transferwise to USD Vault - experiences


I have always kept my USD in my transferwise UK account. Sending overseas has always been a piece of cake and cheap with them.

But since joining the metal plan I see Revolut offer USD vaults with 1.115% interest.

Has anyone had any issues paying money in or out of these Revolut USD vaults? What are your experiences?
What are the limits and transfer charges if any?

Does anyone know how long transfers take to pay back out from Revolut to Transferwise? USD-USD with UK accounts.

Also do I use ACH or Swift to transfer between Transferwise and Revolut USD-USD?


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Revolut support replied

They accept ACH or swift.
As ACH is faster and no charge from Transferwise I assume that is the best option USD>USD

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USD’s arrived to my Revolut fine.

Now I have a doubt about transferring from Revolut to Transferwise.

Wise state ACH is not used for banks outside of US. So is the USD account of Revolut outside the US?

If so I need to use IBAN and Swift BUT transferwise provide IBAN only for the GBP account.
It is either swift/account number

but not iban/swift which is not possible with revolut.

The only option with adding a recipient in revolut for a USD account is ACH then.

Doesnt’ add up if Revolut has their USD outside of the US.

if I can;t get a clear answer from either I’ll just need to send a 5 USD test from Revolut to Wise with ACH.

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Performed a 4 USD test from Revolut using ACH and routing number.

It was sent and received successfully - just wating for it to be credited to the Wise account.

All worked fine.

Usd from revolut to wise using ach and routing.

Arrived same day.

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