Transfer to US bank account failed : “unable to locate account”


Hi all,
Tried to make a bank to transfer to a US bank account, and a few days later the money came back and the live agent tells me the reason is : No Account/Unable to Locate Account. The beneficiary bank was not able to locate the account and returned my transfer. Obviously I did something wrong, but I need to do the transfer again and can’t afford another mistake. Could you please tell me if I was wrong in the account number (i put 12 digits-see below), or anywhere else ? Here is the wire instruction I was given (I put false number for confidentiality except for the many zeros at the beginning of the account number ) :

Bank: XXX
Account Name [it’s a business account]

Account Number 00000012-3456

ABA (Wires) # [123-456-789]

ABA (ACH) # [123-456-789]


I wrote down 000000123456 for the account number, and the ABA(wires) for the routing number.

Many thanks !!!



That could be the problem. Currencycloud sends Revolut’s USD transfers to US bank accounts via ACH, not via SWIFT or “wire”.