Transfer to Santander!


I need help, and the online chat, I seem to talk to different people every time, who seem to not look at previous chat history, ask the same questions and provide the same default response…so desperately asking here…

Transfer from Revolut to a USD account held with Santander in the UK on the 2nd of Feb.
IBAN, SWIFT, Company Name details are correct.

Payment was due to reach their account on the Tuesday, the recipient waited a further week before asking where the money was, I contacted Revolut who provided a copy of the CurrencyCloud transfer info.

I sent this to the recipient, who passed to Santander. Santander stated they could not locate the transfer.

Re-contacted Revolut who then provided me with a copy of the MT103 details. Again I provided this to recipient, who again provided this to Santander. Santander stated that they received the initial remittance notice, but not the actual funds and so do not have the funds.

I provide this info to Revolut, and they contacted their payment processor, who say it was completed. I go around in circles… re asking Recipient to confirm with Santander. At this point the recipient is loosing patient in the sale with me and I’m at risk of loosing the holiday, the money was for.

At one point, the chat representative suggests that I contact THEIR payment processor…!!

What can I do? The onus is obviously on me to prove the money has been sent, but Revolut (and their payment processor) seem to just say its Santander’s fault. Even thou the recipient has been very accommodating and trying to get help from Santander, who quite clearly state the funds have not been received.

Rich :frowning:


Hey @thetrickster :slight_smile:

That’s terrible :frowning:
I’d suggest that you raise this issue to a formal complaint, not only because of the issue itself, but due to the lack of efficiency and absence of professionalism when sending you to their payment processor. The link has been posted in this community before and maybe that will work :wink:

Apart from that, as I don’t know what might be happening, if you don’t manage to solve your issue even after a formal complaint and everything goes wrong, I’d suggest you to head to the Financial Ombudsman :thinking:

Maybe @AndreasK or @JessicaZ can help?


Thanks for the advice @Juliopp.

I’ve talked to Revolut, and they have now requested formally a recall of the transfer with their payment processor, which I’m told will take up to 7 working days :frowning: Will chase on friday, but its slowly dragging on now to be honest…


Hi there.

Let me apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately this is a standard procedure, which takes up to 7 working days.


I have had the exact same problem with REVOLUT. I have ‘lost’ my salary. My employer’s bank sent it and nothing appeared in my account. I get the same crap from Revolut telling me I should contact my employer’s bank ?! Like that is my job to sort out their mess. I have no been without my salary for 2 weeks with no help from REVOLUT


Hi there. Really sorry to hear that. I believe you are referring to wrong BIC used for your transfer. The transfer will not reach us if it was sent with a wrong BIC. If money did not bounce back in 10 working days, the sender can ask to recall this transfer.


So today is the day, I’m told the $1500 will be returned to my Revolut account from their Payment Processor. Obviously will keep checking during the day for its return…

But it worries me, why did it fail?? All the transfer details were correct. There is nothing (I believe) I could of done differently to foresee this issue.

Is this a common issue with USD transfers within the UK?

How can I (Revolut and their processors) make sure I can be 100% confident I can make future USD payments in the future, as at the moment I can’t. And once the money is returned, it seems I’m going to have to take a massive hit on the FX, convert the funds to GBP and pay via card in GBP.


Well yesterday came and went, and no signs of the funds and it looks like today there isn’t any sign of it either - tomorrow will be the maximum 7 days stipulated for the recall to be completed…

At this point, I can’t see me using Revolut any longer for transfers. I’ve really enjoyed the service, losing a £5 payment fine, but $1500?..Card payments seem to be okay, but in 2 days it will be 4 weeks where the money has been ‘lost’ with their Payment Processor…

I also feel, now that liability / responsibility is being shifted on to their ‘Payment Processor’ - surely Revolut themselves should step up and fix this, more than ‘Im afraid that I only heard back from the payment processor, that they are working on it’ type responses. :disappointed:


As mentioned before, your account is currently locked for security reasons!


Hi @AndreasK - Are you directing that message at me or Quarky?


No my message was for Quarky.

Regarding your transfer, I’ve personally contacted our payment processor asking for an update. I will send you a direct message as soon as I have an update.


As explained, this is a compliance matter and unfortunately, I’m not authorised to disclose more info. Also, this topic is not related to “locked accounts”.


Just to update this thread - its been almost 5 weeks since the original transfer was initiated…

No funds have been returned yet and I’ve been told to wait until the 9th of March for a further update.

Formal Complaint submitted 7 days ago, and no official response, apart from the automatic ‘we’ve received your complaint’


I’m really at the end.

I’ve been so so patient, waiting, doing what I’m asked. I really feel I’m being taken for a ride.

Can Revolut not resolve a failed transfer within 5 WEEKS!?

I contact CS again today (as requested - to wait until the 9th of March) only to be told to to re-repeat to send the original CurrencyCloud transfer reference to the recipient to do the trace.
This is unacceptable.

Also, I formally submitted a complaint via their online form on the 28th of Feb, a response according to their website would be with me within 5-7 working days. Again no response.

@AndreasK @JessicaZ - is there any end to this?


Hi there. Really sorry to hear that. Please let me have a look for you.


Hi there. I believe Michiel has replied to your query. Let me know if you have any further questions.