Transfer to Revolut from Coinbase (weekend)



So I sent some money from Coinbase (Euros) yesterday at 13:00. It’s now a full 24 hours later and there’s no sign of any incoming payment to Revolut. How long an I expect it to take before I see this payment? Will it be tomorrow or later today? I’ve sent money on a weekday before and it’s taken literally 2/3 hours.

Also do bank transfer into Revolut attract a premium over the weekend?



Hey @krs360 :slight_smile:

Yesterday was a Sunday, so you should be seeing it by tomorrow :wink:


Hey @krs360 :slight_smile:

Just checking… Did you receive the funds?


Hi there,

7.25am seems to be the magic mark on weekdays? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, went in fine. Just need to make sure you take the next working day as day zero, as it were.