Transfer to revolut account... LOST!!!



First, I’m sorry for mistakes but I’m french and I try to do my best to speak english.

As many Revolut users, I did a transfer of money to my Revolut account (from my french account in bank, the second transfer) but money (150€) is not received even if the sum has been debited !
OK, it seems to be a problem with the BIC code but what is the right BIC code?

I called my bank and I had confirmtion that the BIC code enquired is REVOGB21.

Apparently it’s the right BIC code (shown in my Recolut app) so, what is wrong with my transfer?

Thanks for tour help, i’m waiting about an answer bye a Team Revolut’s member.


Salut :wink:

Le code bic est en effet le bon, mais quand as-tu réalisé le virement ? Certaines banques françaises mettent jusqu’à 48 heures ouvrés pour effectuer le virement.


Oh un camarade francophone :wink::wink:

Il y a 4 jours, mais surtout le premier virement avait été crédité dès le lendemain…
Alors avec tous ces soucis de virements qui n’arrivent pas, je ne sais pas quoi penser.


Oui je pense qu’il y en a quelques uns :slightly_smiling_face:

Vu que le premier virement est arrivé sans soucis, c’est en effet bizarre là. Le problème du moment est surtout du à ce bic erroné et que certaines banques ne mettent pas à jour.

Et ta banque te confirme la bonne exécution du virement ?


Oui, j’ai eu confirmtion que le virement avait été exécuté. La somme a été débitée.
Mais il n’est pas arrivé!

Autant certains utilisateurs semblent avoir renseigné l’ancien code BIC mais ça n’est pas mon cas…


Tu as essayé d’envoyer un message à l’assistance de revolut via l’appli ? Ils vont pouvoir enquêter sur ce virement, et au cas où ta banque peut également enquêter pour savoir où est ton argent.

En tout cas j’espère que tout va rentrer dans l’ordre pour toi :wink:


Ce que je vais faire.
Merci pour l’aide en tout cas.


Hi there.

Unfortunately, from the details provided I can see that you’ve used non-sepa BIC: REVOGB2L. Please be aware that the correct SEPA BIC which you can see in the app is: REVOGB21. As our account accepts only local SEPA payments, the transfer will bounce back automatically to your bank account. If the funds don’t reach you back within 5 days please ask your bank to recall the transfer.

It’s possible that you bank incorrectly assigned non-sepa BIC to our IBAN. Please ask them to update their IBAN tables or manually change the BIC for them to the SEPA one: REVOGB21 if their table is not updated.


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Hey @Ligeard :slight_smile:

From your screenshots, I can see the BIC is from Barclays (BARCGB22). This is the time I personally see this in the forum since long ago :thinking:

Also, keep in mind any edition you do to your posts is kept in a public log.


I didn’t think that I wrote a public post…
I thought I wrote to AndreasK, in a private message.

I would like that the screens are deleted but it was too late!


Hey @Ligeard :slight_smile:

I have flagged this so it gets erased immediately by a moderator, but you can delete it directly clicking the bin icon below the post. It will take 24h for the post to get erased :wink:

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Thanks a lot!
It’s done


Obviously you still haven’t understood the issue or ignore it:

  • some users entered the correct BIC but the bank automatically changed it because they look it up in a table/database
  • some users couldn’t even enter a BIC and we no longer have to do so for SEPA (only IBAN); the banks look it up in a table/database

Why is/was there a wrong BIC published? Different banks in Europe made the same mistake but not Revolut? Someone has to implement a mechanism that this cannot happen again. Someone should report this to SWIFT, SEPA, ECB, or whatever.

How do I know if my bank now uses the correct BIC? Trial and error? Pay another €30 for a failed transaction?