Transfer to Norway keeps failing


FYI everyone: transfers to Norway will not work if the receiving account is set to ony accept structured ‘KID’ references. I tried to pay an invoice with a string of 24 numbers as the reference, the Customer ID (Kundeidentifikasjon, KID), and it just kept on failing and failing.

My chat sessions with support went something like this:
1 - Vera: please just try it again.
2 - James: try adding ‘KID:’ before the string of numbers.
3 - Pete: 'We cannot currently support KID reference payments to accounts that require structured information. […] We are still working on it to provide KID reference payments in the future as currently we do not have the functionality to structure this on payments, so if the beneficiary account is marked to accept payments strictly with KID reference, payments will be rejected."

So there is simply no way to do this with Revolut. God, how I hate payments to Norway.

I’ve just signed up to N26 now to see if I can pay it through them…


I would recommend Transferwise. Cross border payments are their core business. I would be surprised if they haven’t that figured out.


Thanks so much for the Transferwise tip! Seems great, they would charge 1.17 euros for my transfer, whereas my old-school Belgian Bank (KBC) has the nerve to charge me 9.75 euros for such a transfer. Going to try Transferwise as soon as my currently pending fourth try with Revolut is definitely canceled and refunded, cause it would be just my luck that I somehow double-pay this :laughing:


Update: I can confirm that this transfer with KID reference has worked perfectly with TransferWise! Thanks again for the tip to help me get this sorted out, Frank.



There is a now a work-around to this. If you download the Payr-app, you can register your Premium/Metal-card to the app and use it to Pay invoices with your Revolut-card.


Payr is only for people registered in Norway, isn’t it?


Yes, it is only for Norwegian people