Transfer to my revolut euro account not arrived yet


Made a transfer from my bank to my revolut euro account on th 22nd August. Until now it did not arrived.
Already contacted the support (a couple of times - last time Monday) on the app (always waiting for hours) but they say they are going to contact the finance department.
So until now, no solution and no money on my account. I think more than 2 weeks is too much to solve the situation.

Waiting for your help.

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From which bank? GB, EU, Other? To which EUR account, the old LT one or the new GB one?

Hi @Teresa,

Thank you for contacting us.

Did you use the right account details?


Andreas K.

Thank you for the replies.

I am from portugal and did use the right account detals.

It has passed almost a month and still did not receive the transfer in my revolut account.

Is there anyone from team revolut that can help me with this situation?

Waiting for your help. Thanks.

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