Transfer to my account


5,000 EUR was transferred to my account on 24/04/18. I was told that the issue has been referred to a dedicated team on 30/04/18. Today is 05/05/18 and there is still no response, the funds are not in my account nor have they been returned to the originating bank. I’ve attempted to get an update from a live agent on the help chat on several occasions and guess what, no response!! The service offered by Revolut is appalling to say the least and they have 5,000 EUR of my money with no way for me to get it back. I will be leaving feedback accordingly.

If anyone from Revolut ever bothers to read the content of this community chat could you please respond, there seems that there is no other way to contact someone!!!


I support your message and find it incredible that so many of us are experiencing this without any support team reaching out immediately.