Transfer to IBAN account doesn't seem to work


I’m quite new on Revolut; I opened an account, topped it up with (in total) 1 euro, and now want to transfer it back to my (Belgian) IBAN account, in order to test this.
After filling in all fields, the “Continue” button stays unavailable however. I checked IBAN, names and amounts (1€) but everythint is correct.
Am I overlooking something??? I only have a Revolut account, no card (which I don’t really need). I can’t imagine it’s a general bug, as until now others don’t seem to have these problems.


Hey there @peter_heyden :slight_smile:

At least in euros, the minimum bank transfer amount is €2 :wink:


Thanks, I’ll try.
At least they could’ve made that clear in some help text or so. Is there a similar minimum amount for GBP transfers? And can I find these minimum amounts somewhere in FAQ, helptext or so?


Hey @peter_heyden :slight_smile:

I think there’s the same minimum, £2, but I’m not positive.
About the info in the FAQs, I guess not, unfortunately. :frowning: