transfer to email instead of phone app

I have had money sent to my email address instead of my revolut phone app! How do I access the money?

Which payment provider was used to send you the money?

It was sent from the app on her iphone but instead of sending it to the app on my phone, it was sent to my email address - so I cannot access the money

Could you provide more information please. Was the money sent from a revolut account via the revolut app?

In case Revolut was used for sending the money:

It does not sound like Revolut’s P2P payment was used for this. For this to work, both sides need to grant access to the phone’s address book.

In case a link for was generated and sent via email, just follow the instructions on the website.

Or: ask the sender to cancel the payment and try again using the synced address book for a direct P2P payment.


Yes, from her phone as I said earlier

It wasn’t clear to us if you’re trying a Revolut to Revolut transaction.

Have you looked into the address book sync detail? Her contact list should recognize you as a Revolut user, there should be a litte R in a blue circle attached to your contact.

If you’ve got an email, have you clicked the link? Are you able to claim the money this way? You wrote that this does not work, but what is the problem exactly, because in principle this should be an option as well.

Why not cancel the first try and repeat, with the phone number this time?