Transfer to bank account

Hi Revolut Community,

I’m currently living in London but paid in Euros. So Revolut could have great benefits for me.

I would like to pay my monthly rent in £ through Revolut. So I transfered myself money on my Revolut Account.
Received it quickly, great :slight_smile:

And now I want to add my landlord bank details. This is where issues start. When I try to validate it, the app says “One or more of Payment_types items are not included in the list”.

Did anybody experienced that?

Thanks you all.

Hi @Hacmen we’ve solved this issue now so if you try again it should work :wink:

Hi, not sure this is exactly the correct place to post this, but I’ve recently had to set up a EUR account because it seems I can’t use Revolut to pay whom I want to in Europe.
What I now need to know is, when I remit my funds to my French bank account, where will the funds be coming from? (Ie does revolt use European accounts or just send from their UK accounts (so I’ll get hit with additional fees)?).

They only have UK accounts but if you transfer out EUR within the EU it goes out as a SEPA transfer, so the recipient bank should not charge you anything for it.

Dear Revolut Community - I have a question re a credit transfer from a Revolut account to a payment account (which is not e-money). My question specifically relates to the flow of funds. Let’s assume the payment is processed a EUR domestic SEPA.

I understand the e-money on my account is created in receipt of actual funds (eg when you make your top up). These funds will stay on a safeguarding account opened with a credit institution. When you make a credit transfer from a Revolute account to a regular payment account, what is happening with the actual funds? Does the e-money issuer pass the message between its Bank (where the funds are) and the receiving bank (thereby arranging for the funds transfer)?

Thanks I would appreciate you help.

not sure I can ask this here as I have just joined the community, but as I don´t know how to post a question, if you don´t mind, perhaps someone can guide me. My question is the following: “I live in Spain and receive a company pension into my UK bank account. I occasionally do transfers from my UK bank account into Revolut, then from Revolut into my spanish bank account, which works perfectly well. the only thing is as when I key in the IBAN number of Revolut, a different beneficiary name appears and my bank gives me lots of warnings, however I go ahead and all works well. As I am thinking of getting my pension people to pay me direct into my Revolut account, I am thinking they won´t like the fact that the beneficiary name of the account isnt me. Is there a way around this? thank you”