Transfer to Bank Account SWIFT without costs to beneficiary

I want to transfer Money to a bank account but the amount that the beneficiary receives has to be exact.
I’m afraid that will be charges from the other bank…
I want to transfer USD to a bank in Armenia and i’m from Portugal…
Is there any way of knowing that possible aditional charges?


you should address to the receiver’s bank commissions.

@erevos How do i do that? I’m not really undsertanding your answer. Thanks

find the official page of the Bank and I am sure there will be an analytical commission table.What don’t you understand exactly?

@erevos I really don’t find the comission that the bank will charge for receiving transfers. I would like na option as there are in bank transfers where we have the option for shared/sender/receiver for the costs of the operation. The bank is Ameriabank…
ask them then.

Thanks erevos. But this is the answer from the bank “We cannot tell any information about beneficiary`s fee, you need to check it from the sender Bank.”

I am sorry to hear it.It seems highly inappropriate not to share details.Maybe the beneficiary of the Armenian account can find out about that.

With any SWIFT transfer there may be fees added on by the sending, intermediary, and receiving bank. As mentioned above, these fees are external Revolut fees so you may check with the receiving bank for more information.