Transfer to another bank took 7 days!


There has been a severe delay for transfer of funds from Revolut to another bank.

I initiated my first bank transfer of €10 from Revolut Euro to another Euro account (of another fintech bank) on 22-Dec.
I got an email from Revolut that this has been executed today on 27-Dec.
And I need to expect the funds by 29-Dec.

This is a 7 day duration for a simple transfer from one fintech bank to another.
So I headed out to the support bot on the app and she could not help me out with my specific question and I asked for a Live agent who was supposed to be with me within 2 mins but left me hanging out there with no responses at all.

One of the main reasons I was drawn to Revolut was that it is fintech and would be faster that other banks (and of course the mid-market exchange rate) but this has been a let down for me.



Because of the weekend and christmas Target2 (regulates all SEPA transfers) is closed for 4 days, so transfers will take longer.
Some banks in the Euro zone offer SEPA Instant Transfer. Transactions will be processen within seconds 24/7.