Transfer takes more than 1 week


Hello! I transferred my money (EUR) 1 week ago, but has not received it yet. Live agent does not help me even if I typed “Live agent” at least 10 times, so I would like Revolut to fix this problem as soon as possible.



Same issue. No one (support) responds in the chat on the app. This is really bad.

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I have thé same issue
I made the transfer last week on August 15 and itStill did not arrive.
I typed live agent several Times ans nous answer

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Same here. International sepa transfer from Switzerland. It has been over 1 week and live agent has not responded in more than 2 days.

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Same issue. I have been trying to get in touch with the Revolut support team for 3 days. No response yet, and the staff who are meant to monitor these threads seem to not bother about it.

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If any of you have some followers on twitter, please harras them there… I deliberately Hove no followers so my sole voice doesn’t attract their attention… With more followers they might just react… Maybe… It’s worth a shot… @RevolutApp #Revolut #RevolutMetal…really bad customer service…



I have the same problem. I made an international transfer from Portugal one week ago, the money didn’t arrive to the Revolut account. Can @AndreasK or someone from Revolut help please? What can I do?