Transfer refund incomplete!


Sent a transfer to Mexico (1236.99 GBP) and was rejected. It has now been partially refunded back to me (1228.81 GBP instead of 1236.99 GBP). Why?


Probably fees from intermediary banks.


As Frank said it is due to intermediary banks taking a fee. More information can be found on the Revolut blog


Hi there. Your transfer was sent via SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), where international wire fees applied by the intermediary and beneficiary bank, and not by Revolut.


Thanks all. As it happens, I tried sending money to Mexico (but to a different bank than the one mentioned above) and that transaction was also rejected (I haven’t got luck sending money to Mexico it would seem). On that occasion I did get the full refund. Would that mean the transaction could have gone through another intermediary bank that didn’t apply any fees?