Transfer Paypal funds to Revolut

Hi there,

I am new to Revolut and I need some help from you.

I have some paypal funds and I would like to know if its possible to transfer them to Revolut instead of transfering funds from my local Bank. Is this possible? If so how?

Link your revolut card to paypal and you will be able to withdraw .
Takes some time,cause paypal will send small transaction to revolut and you will need 4 digit pin -which will appear on transaction list.

Thanks Just managed. I just transfered some money to Revolut from Paypal however thought its instant…

I did a couple of transfers, it takes around 24h (in the UK).

Hi I’ve verified my Revolut card on paypal but I’m not having trouble withdrawing from Paypal to revolut. I only get the option to send money to my UK bank account. Can you tell me how to withdraw to Revolut please?

You can’t withdraw to the card directly, you need to add your Revolut UK bank details on your paypal (and verify).

When i try to link a revolut card to paypal it says that the card is not accepted. Why?

Lastschrift wird von PayPal nicht abgebucht seit 14 Tagen offen

I think there is no chance for that.

Ich habe Geld von PayPal bekommen und könnte mein Konto bestätigen

So does it work now to add the Revolut bank details to PayPal for withdraw? And which country do I name when they ask? I’m sitting in Germany but the IBAN is British (GB), from a Revolut Euro account.

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Yes id like to know how to do it as well

Hi Tayfilmaz, have you figured out ever since how to add the UK Revolut bank details in PayPal? I suppose you would want to withdraw EUR to you Revolut EUR account from PayPal. Thanks

Hi, I’m just trying this out now.

I’m trying to transfer Euro from paypal to Revolut but it insists on converting to GBP and sending GBP to Revolut. Is there any way to put euro directly on Revolet therefore avoiding the 2 currency conversion hits?


Hi there mate

Did you manage to transfer EUR to your revolut card?

I was willing to do the same, because when I receive EUR into my UK account and want to use it, I do the conversion to GBP and it really sucks…


Hi, it’s not possible unless you create a new Paypal account in Europe.

Hello, you guys!

I did an Instant PayPal transfer to Revolut and the money didn’t arrive on my card (the physical one linked to PayPal) immediately, as they usually do. It’s been 24h and nothing (I withdrew Friday night). I must mentioned I did this many times before and the money arrived instantly, I even did it one day before and it did. Should I worry. My Revolut works perfectly. I even sent money to another Revolut friend today.


Solved. Came as a Standard transfer, not instant. I think my fault. Thank you, Revolut! :slight_smile:

Would be great if you could explain in detail just how you did this.

Hi, I am trying to transfer EUR from PayPal to my EUR account in Revolut, did you manage this?