Transfer of bitcoin

Hi is it possible to send bitcoin directly to our revolut cards?

Do you mean external transfer? This is impossible at this moment.

Hi, no I mean transfer existing bitcoin from bitcoin wallet to the Revolut card as bitcoin, and obviously after processing your transaction fees?

If you have bitcoins outside (not in revolut wallet) this is impossible- as I said before.

You might want to check out the blog post about Revolut’s crypto offer to see what’s possible and what isn’t.

Hi there. At the moment you can buy, sell & transfer within Revolut! However, we’re looking into the possibility. Please note, we’ve communicated this long before we launched this feature

Are the btc that Revolut purchase newly minted ‘virgin’ coins?

Correct me if Im wrong but this will probably never happen as Revolut crypto is a financial speculative asset; like the current stock market so in fact you are not buying any bitcoin; just speculating. Revolut is not a crypto mining company.