transfer not arriving, help, chat hours waiting since yesterday

Hi I am bit nervious because I really need the money soon.

My employer paid me last thursday from UK in GBP to my SWIFT account (without the reference number) instead of paid me to the LOCAL account in GBP. Yesterday I wait hours until a live agent told me to wait yesterday night. Nothing.

This morning at 7.45 I started a new chat, 3 hours later a live agent escalated my case and 4 hours later still waiting.

I have read in the FAQ that receiving transfer in GBP in swift would be cancelled, but my empoloyer says the money has been received by Revolut.

However yesterday live agent told me the money would be received, not cancelled. So I do not know what to do, and the chat is hours waiting. What can I do?

In that case the money should have arrived but they will need to assign it manually.

Maybe @AndreasK can speed it up a bit :).

Thanks for your soon answer clarifying that, now I am more relax but still a bit urgent. Shall I contact with @AndreasK then?

Disclaimer, that is my assumption I cant give you a guarantee :). Also, take into account there was Easter, so Revolut might not even have received it yet.

But yes, sending Andreas a private message might be a wise thing :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I already wrote him :slight_smile:

Hey! An agent will contact you shortly. I can see that the transfer has reached our account.

Hi @AndreasK thanks for your reply, however 5h ago a live agent in told me the same “shortly”. Is there any telephone number to call to get the assignation of the transfer to my account, please? Sorry for the inconvenience.