Transfer never arrived and money gone !


On the 22nd of July I made a transfer which never arrived. By talking to the service team they said the transfer is pending, as they experience problems with their ‘payment process’. Five days later the transfer is still pending and the money was already deducted from my account and nobody at the service team can revert or cancel the transfer, that I am able to get my money back. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.


I have the same problem and understand from support that a large number of customers have the same problem.


My transfer initiated July 22nd is also still on its way whereas a transfer three days later arrived very fast. The revolut account says, that the money is pending, the amount has been taken from the account. Where is the money? Support is not reachable.
Is anybody of the revolut guys taking care of this issue?


This is exactly the problem I experienced as well. For the last two days I was trying to “chat” to the support team. Complete waste of time. Only thing they can say is the relevant team is investigating and apologise for any inconvenience. It’s a joke !


My money transfer completed today, after a lot of Social Media activity.