Transfer money to my revolut account without a smartphone

Hi all, I lost my phone few days ago so I want to know if it is possible to top up my account without any smartphone?

AFAIK only using Android emulator- ie. BlueStacks

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Or if you somehow have saved your account info. Then you can make a bank transfer.


I tried this but I still need a smartphone as they will send you a text on your phone number to allow you to connect

What Ivan wrote, if you have your account details you can wire money.

But for someone to connect with my account info they will need to enter m account number phone because when I try to connect they send a text to my phone and I need the code in this text to connect

But how? can you describe the whole process? because I tried this with a friend and she said they ask for my number to connect to my account and then they send a text with a code to my phone that is stolen so I can’t get the code in the text and I cant connect

What number? You simply wire the money like with any other wire transfer. You need to know your details of course.

What currency are we talking about?

I see but I dont have my revolut account RIB. Do you know how can I get it? Furthermore, I will do a transfer in euro but I need to convert this money in dollars to do a dollars payment. If I succeed transfering the money, it will be euros and I will not be able to do my dollars payment without fees right?

If you dont have your account details and need to exchange money you will really need the application to do what you want. Either get a new phone or try the Android emulator @redi mentioned in the very first response.

I tried the emulator too, they ask for a phone number when you try to connect. @redi, @alessandro can you describe the process on how we can access the revolut app without a phone with the emulator because when I try they ask my phone number to send me a text with a code

Well, you type the number you registered with and once the message arrives you confirm it. You certainly still have the number, right?

Yes but then once I have entered my phone number and my code access I have this image

Which means they sent something to my phone and I can’t get it because my phone is lost

That I understood but you will certainly have got a replacement SIM card, no?

not yet that is all the point to my post how an I use revolut without a smartphone

Well, the easiest way would be to get hold of your number. Otherwise you will have to go through support but that could take a while.

Do you have access to any phone? If yes- you can choose “change phone number” or something similar. You don’t need the smartphone, simple phone which is able to get SMS is enough…(then type it to the emulator)

I guess it is possible to use something as Twilio to get a number for receiving messages but it requires some tech know how: