Transfer money to a broker?


In FAQ it says:
"There are some merchants that are not supported with your Revolut card. At the moment, this includes:

Financial securities brokers and dealers"

If I wanted to make an international (to US) bank transfer from Revolut account to, say, Interactive Brokers would that be ok?


Transfers to US are made via Currency Cloud and they are not sent in your name.

This means that most Brokers and dealers will reject the transfers, as they expect you to send the money from a bank account in your name.


Hi everyone. I think you both are talking about two different things. First, the guidelines for the card. So the Revolut card should not be used to pay at / transfer funds to “financial securities brokers and dealers”.

And second describes a limitation of the system that is used for international wire transfers.


Well the guidelines do not state that transfers to brokers are prohibited. It just says that it is not supported. So if I try transferring the funds it most likely would not work? Or maybe my name would appear in the description of the transfer and that would be enough?


Transfers ate not card payments. The guidelines are about card payments.