Transfer money from Bitcoin exchange to my Revolut account


Hi. I want to transfer Euro from a Bitcoin exchange to my Revolut account. Is this feature supported yet? It says “Beneficiary is not allowed.” when I try to transfer Euro to the exchange, so I’m not sure I can transfer the other way as well?


Activate your personal IBAN account then all will be fine (sending and receiving).


Thanks, but where do I do this. Can’t seem to find it in the app.


Are you planning to transfer EUR to Coinbase?


Yes to verify my account. And then later transfer from Coinbase to Revolut.


Ok make sure your Revolut account is verified & the card used for top up are confirmed in the app.


Thanks! I think I found it under Euro accounts in the app. What’s the limit for transferring funds to and from my Revolut account?


If you’re making a transfer in GBP in or out of your Revolut account there are daily and weekly limits. The daily limit is £75,000 combined, meaning that you cannot transfer more than £75,000 in or out of the account per 24 hours. The weekly limit is £125,000 combined. If you attempt to make a transfer larger than this amount, it will be automatically rejected by our payment processor.


Okay thanks for the quick response. And what information should I enter into Coinbase? It asks for IBAN and BIC. Should I use the information from “Local” or “Swift”?. And do I put Lloyds Bank as bank name?


I have the same problem, I can not send Euros from my revolut account to coinbase, it give a message “beneficiary is not allowed”.



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