Transfer money from Argentina to a Revolut Account

Hi All,

I have some money in USD and Argentinian Pesos in a Argentina Bank Account. And I’d like to transfer it all to a Revolut Account, to later be able to transfer to my Irish Bank Account (in euros).

Hopefully this will make it easier and cheaper.

My question is… can I do this? Is there a max amount I can transfer to my Revolut Account?


Yes, there are limits.
Please read this (below) and please remember about your annual limit.

I don’t think AR allows you to send ARSes abroad. Anyhow, make a same-currency SWIFT to the IBAN you see on the balance, keep in mind the beneficiary is Revolut LTD and not you.

once they’ve arrive exchange to EUR within Revolut on a week day and then transfer to your EUR account in IRL.

you have a top-up limit and a free fx allowance. be careful and proactive, increase your top-up limit before making the transfer.