Transfer Money Back - Closed Account!?


Added some money to my account to order a new card. (Added 50 by accident, instead of 10)

So now I wanted to transfer the money back to my bank account, (the remaining £45.01) Although, I accidentally sent it to my OLD sort-code. How do I get this back?

The sort-code was changed by my bank a while ago, although the Account number has stayed the same.


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Hi Sam
It may be worth talking to your bank and ask them the question - it may be there is a temporary arrangement to pick up transfers made to the old sort code.
If not then my guess it that the funds would be sent back to your Revolut account eventually.
Have you tried asking via the in app Help function?

The bank has gave me a period of a few months of re-routing money to my new sort code, so I think that’s the case.

Although yes, I have just emailed support.
Thank you!