Transfer limits and fund verification. Coinbase -> Revolut


I’m a cryptocurrency investor. Did few transfer from Coinbase to Revolut and pretty fast hit account limit. In order to increase the limit Revolut is asking bank statement showing the funds entering/leaving a personal bank account.

Options are:

  1. Revolut approve Coinbase and other crypto exchange accounts as a source of income.
  2. I will transfer these funds to my personal bank account and then back to Revolut.

Second option sound just ridiculous, but seems like the only option.

Would anyone from Revolut care to comment on option 1. ?

Thank you,

Br. Petri


On second thought seems rather absurd that Revolut enables cryptocurrency investing, but does not approve cryptocurrencies as a source of income.

Anyone care to comment how I solve this?

Thank you,



Hi there :slight_smile:
I would just show them your bank statement of incoming funds.If you exceed the limit then you must have another source of income. Think it’s only to prevent money laundering :slight_smile: