Transfer issues, misleading turbo transfer and poor support


Sent around 8000 SGD to Singapore via Turbo on 30/08.
Transfer was not actually sent until 01/09 according to screenshot provided by support. Nobody is telling me why.
Was told to ignore the fact it stated 6 days in the email and several agents over several days gave me conflicting information about when the funds would credit. I was told to wait again and to contact Revolut this morning as they I would a escalate to the payment partner but I’m being told to wait again. So 30/06 - 05/09 is Turbo?

The funds transfer feature overseas is clearly not as advertised and likewise the way you are managing notes on a client account is not effective. One agent says something totally different to another and similarly are just throwing answers in the air wasting my time.

I don’t think Revolut is as reliable as a “real” bank given that it is made up of several layers and services where the customer support has zero visibility. I like the card and ability to make international transactions with Visa but my experience using it for a Bank transfer suggests never to use it for anything urgent. It’s just a prepaid card.

Very frustrated at this point as I became a premium subscriber right away based on what was marketed.


So as stated, over the last 3 days, 5 different agents have given me many different answers about this transfer.
I informed the final genius I just spoke to that the banks were closed in Singapore after he told me that the money would credit today and so he responded with “So it will come when the bank will be open”

Are these people serious? Is this how you deal with other people’s money? A normal bank would have cost me £10-25 to send the same amount, at the very least I can get a swift copy and not be repeatedly ignored when I ask to escalate the issue.


Now being ignored by support for 25 minutes and case escalated to a senior person


Still waiting for an answer from the senior support person…


Now being told to wait until the 11th of September.
So much for Turbo transfers!


you mean you got to talk to an actual human from Revolut??!!

Please tell us all how??


Via messages… I used the Live agent command. In fairness I get to communicate with real people all the time. They just can’t do anything right now.
Transfer is in limbo


Still waiting for the money.
Have also been waiting an hour for a real live agent to respond to me. Rita said someone would be with me in 1 minute - an hour ago.

Going to be making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman and Monetary Authority in Singapore as I’ve been treated awfully as if I’m querying about when a particular pair of printed socks will be in stock, not dealing with real money that affects people’s lives.

Revolut before thinking about expansion please get your processes in order, this is a disgrace.


Update : Support team is adamant I wait until the 11th of September before escalating. Really so much for a Turbo transfer - 14 days?

I’ve had to borrow ~8000 SGD to cover the payment so I don’t incurr penalties. This transfer took one day to appear in Singapore sending via a regular bank for £10. There was also not much difference on the FX rate.