Transfer hasn't arrived


Hello, I have made a Transfer from Transferwise. The Transferwise App tells me the transfer is supposed to be on my Revolut GBP account right now but I don’t have the money on my account. The transfer is of 882,78 £. Is that normal that I don’t have the money on my account ? Thanks for your help…


Hey Emilie, please contact support via the in app chat by typing “live agent”. They should be able to locate your transfer. Please provide all the necessary information about the transfer while waiting for a response. This will make the process quicker.


Was the transfer using Fast Payment system over the weekend? While it occurs in near real time between registered banks, Revolut’s systems are not yet real time, they use an external payment processor.

In my experience transfers to Revolut don’t show up over weekends or outside banking hours. Hopefully it will show up soon after business opening tomorrow Monday.

(Edit: I see you posted 5 days ago, if so payment should have reached you by now. As Henrikbjorn suggested, best contact support online.)